We support and reward the programs of Air Cadets
The Vision of the Air Cadet Movement
The Air Cadet League of Canada envisions the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as Canada's premier and a world class youth development movement. Being attuned to societal changes, it strives diligently to be a totally dedicated, proactive and innovative partner to encourage and enhance the development of well adjusted, civic minded youth to undertake leadership roles in a great Canada and a better World.
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The Air Cadet League of Canada is a volunteer non-profit, civilian organization composed of leading business and professional people from all parts of Canada that provides financial support and oversight to the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. The League functions through a national board of governors, provincial and regional directors, and local sponsoring bodies supporting each squadron.

'Air Cadets' is a national program that has a seventy-five year history of developing in youth, girls and boys, the attributes of leadership, involved and active citizenship and physical fitness, all within a safe environment that stimulates an interest in aeronautics. Cadets are not part of the military although the program is a partnership between the Canadian Forces and the Air Cadet League of Canada. We have trained over one million Air Cadets since 1941.

The Air Cadet League of Canada is supported by a highly committed volunteer membership working to make a difference for the more than twenty-four thousand young Canadians in over four hundred and fifty Canadian communities. The Air Cadet League of Canada is proudly supported and funded in part by the Government of Canada.

The Air Cadet Program grew from the need to encourage an interest in aviation amongst the youth of Canada during World War II. It has developed into today's enjoyable, yet dynamic and challenging program which requires participants to meet certain standards and behaviour. The Air Cadet Story provides more about this evolution.

The program is administered through the Cadet Instructor Cadre of the Canadian Forces Reserves, with growing support from members of the Canadian Aerospace Industry. It is designed to stimulate the cadets' interest in aviation, allowing them to see the many and varied aviation career opportunities in both civilian and military life. Our program teaches our youth to accept and value personal and social responsibility and sets standards for their dress, appearance and behaviour to assist them in later life.

Canada's first astronaut to walk in space, Colonel Chris Hadfield was an air cadet and remains an enthusiastic supporter of the Air Cadet movement. He, along with the many former Air Cadets who are now professional, business, entertainment and local community leaders across the country, is testament to the program's success. More information regarding the Air Cadet Training Program content is available at the National Air Cadet web site.

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The provincial role of the Air Cadet League of Canada is fulfilled by the volunteers of the Manitoba Provincial Committee which is incorporated as the Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) Inc. The Provincial Committee, in concert with our twenty-four Squadrons, their local community sponsors and with the support of the Canadian Forces, delivers the Air Cadet program to the youth of Manitoba.

The Board of Directors manage the Provincial organization and they in turn are supported by a structure of committees which conduct or oversee activities. The Board of Directors meets monthly to review topical business.

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At the community level, each squadron has a Sponsor, usually a Service Club or group of persons interested in the program. Each Sponsor organizes a Squadron Sponsoring Committee to manage the on going responsibilities of the Sponsor. The Squadron Sponsoring Committee members are integral members of the Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) Inc.

Extending the Air Cadet Program to new locations is a major goal of the Manitoba organization and we invite proposals from interested communities who can meet the requirements necessary to establish a squadron.

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In keeping with Canada's commitment in combating violence against children, the ACL (MB) Inc. conducts appropriate and thorough screening of applicants and members in positions of trust.

Contact us for more information regarding our organization or programs.

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