Chairmen of the Manitoba Provincial Committee.

Don MacLaren was born in Ottawa on May 8, 1893. When he was 6 years old the family moved to Calgary, AB. They moved again when he was nearly 18, to Vancouver, BC and in 1913 to the remote northern Alberta hinterland at Keg River Prairie, AB, 200 miles north of Peace River Crossing.

In 1916 Donald applied for and was accepted into the Royal Flying Corps. At wars end he was tied in 8th spot for all fighter pilots Aces in WWI. For more about his story during WWI see In 1920, Canada formed a Canadian Air Force separate from the RAF. Two fighter squadrons were formed at Shoreham; MacLaren was put in command of Fighter Squadron 1.

With cut backs to the Air Force he was demobilized to Canada where he resigned his commission and went into commercial aviation. He started his own company in Vancouver in 1921; Pacific Airways Limited. He merged with Western Canada Airways (WCA) in 1928 and he was made superintendent of the Western Canada division. Eventually WCA was taken over by Canadian Airways and he was appointed assistant general manager for B.C. When the Canadian government formed a national airline in 1937, Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA), Donald MacLaren was recruited by TCA to be the assistant to the vice-president. In 1940, he rose to be the superintendent of stations and by the end of WWII was executive assistant to the president.

During WWII he took an active interest in the Air Cadet League and in 1941 formed the first squadron in Winnipeg. As well as, being Manitoba's first Provincial Committee Chairman, he was soon appointed the League's first president. He retired from TCA in 1958. In 1976 he was inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame for a lifetime of achievement in Canadian flying. His medals are held at the Canadian War Museum. He died on July 4, 1988 at the age of 95.

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Gilbert McCrea Eaton was born in Toronto, ON on June 13, 1915, grandson of Timothy Eaton founder of the T. Eaton Co. He received his early education at Crescent School in Toronto followed by courses of study in England and Europe.

He commenced his business career with the T. Eaton Co. in 1935 and retired in 1963 after 28 years with the family Company having held several management positions, including Director the T. Eaton Co.; the T. Eaton Co. Maritimes Ltd.; the T. Eaton Co. of Montreal; the T. Eaton Co. Western Ltd.; the Canadian Department Stores Ltd.; the T. Eaton Realty Co. Ltd.; the T. Eaton Co. Saskatchewan Ltd.; Director the T. Eaton Life Assurance Co.

He became Chairman of the Manitoba Committee in 1942 and held the position until 1948. He was also National Director of the Air Cadet League of Canada; he received the MBE in recognition of his work with the Air Cadet Program. He was also founding Commodore of the Manitoba Yacht Club, past member of the Manitoba Club, St. Charles Country Club, Winnipeg Winter Club and the R.C.Y.C. Toronto.

He was a generous supporter of the Air Cadet program until his death, both financially and in the use of his private aircraft in transporting members on squadron visits. He died in Miami, Florida on Wednesday February 13, 1985 at age 69.

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Ed Vopni was born in Winnipeg on November 15, 1902. He became involved with the Air Cadet Program in 1941; after many active years he continued his participation with the Advisory Board until his death.

Known as Mr. Air Cadet, Ed was Provincial Chairman from 1948 to 1956. He then worked with the National Committee becoming President in 1967. He received several awards for his involvement including Director of the Year in 1955, and the Centennial Medal in 1967.

He carried on his father's printing business, the Art Press Ltd where he worked until he was 85. He was very active in other community organizations including a long standing member of the Lions Club.

Ed was married for 62 years to his wife Violet; they had two children, Richard and Joan. Ed passed away on November 11, 1992 he was 89.

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Harold Steele, an army officer in the 1st world war, was a Manitoba Provincial Committee member for many years, and Chairman from 1959-1962.

Mr. Steele was Chief of Finance for Western Canada at the T. Eaton Company until he retired in 1961. Upon his retirement he became President of the Winnipeg Downtown Association.

He passed away in 1979.

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Albert Simmons was born as Alessandro Repcine on July 16, 1909, near Chernovy (Czernowitz) in the Bukovina province of Romania. This was part of Austria at the time, but became Romania after WWI. He was the first of nine children born to Margareta and Metro Repcine.

His mother, Margareta, decided to leave Romania and follow her brother, Nick, to Canada. So, in the spring of 1910, thirty-year-old Metro, his twenty-four-year-old wife and their one-year-old son landed in Halifax. Upon entering Canada, Metro Repcine's last name was mistakenly changed to Rybczuk and Margareta became Marguerite. Metro's brother-in-law, Nick Semennic, had his name altered by Canada Immigration a year before; he became Nick Siminuik.

Once they arrived in Canada they were offered a quarter section of land in Alberta for $300. Instead of joining Nick in Hamilton, they decided to homestead the land for 8 years, after which time they could sell the property.

Upon arrival in Edmonton they bought two horses, a wagon and supplies, and headed to their new property 60 miles northeast, near the small town of Veillette (now Smoky Lake)-an area where a lot of Eastern European immigrants were settled. Metro made that same two day journey back to Edmonton several times a year to purchase provisions and building materials. Their first winter must have been quite a hardship, and they probably wouldn't have survived had it not been for the assistance of their new neighbours.

During the next eight years they cut down trees, cleared stones, built a log house and a barn, raised animals, grew a big vegetable garden, harvested wheat, oats and corn - and had four more children.

They became Canadian citizens in Edmonton on June 27, 1914, and in 1918 they moved to the town of Vegerville, Alberta where Al's mom opened a restaurant called The Keg. She was an excellent cook and business was good because the CN Railroad had just arrived in town. Another baby arrived as well.

In 1925 they sold the restaurant and loaded their belongings onto a train. The mom, dad and 6 kids moved to Ontario to be closer to Marguerite's brother, Nick, in Hamilton. Once again their name was changed; this time Rybczuk became Repchuk. They bought a farm in Villa Nova, which was 65 kilometres southwest of Hamilton. Marguerite would soon give birth to her last two children, Bill and Doris. Her brother, Nick Siminuik, had changed his name to Simmons, and was now working for the City of Hamilton as a bricklayer on the city streets. He was also the cantor for the Romanian Orthodox Church. His nieces and nephews called him 'Uncle Simmons' and he was a real father figure to them all.

Every now and then, if Al had the money, he would find a way to get to Hamilton and see the latest Tom Mix movie. Mix was a star during the silent movie era. He was a gentleman cowboy known for his daring stunts, and he was young Al's hero.

When he was 17, Al left the farm and went to seek his fortune in Detroit, where he fired drinking glasses and jars in the Dominion Glass ovens. He once came home for a visit wearing a new suit and smoking a fat cigar; he enjoyed being a "Big Shot". He took a picture of the family with his new camera, but his family was most impressed by his silk pyjamas.

At 18 years old he went to Chicago and then to New York, where he was the manager of a soda fountain in Times Square, and once served movie-star Ginger Rogers an orange float. He saw as many vaudeville shows as he could and even danced in a chorus line. As a stagehand for Blackstone the Magician, his job was looking after the horse that Blackstone vanished during his show.

During the 1930's finding a job got tough, so he headed back to Hamilton to work as a waiter in a restaurant alongside his brother. He moved in with his Aunt Veronica and Uncle Nick Simmons, and Al changed his last name to Simmons.

At the age of 28 Al became a Fuller Brush salesman. He developed many techniques to increase his sales and soon became the top salesman in the region. Al decided that he would never work for someone else again. He wanted to be his own boss so he moved to Winnipeg to once again seek his fortune.

His plans were foiled by the onset of World War II. He joined the army and became a Sergeant in the Winnipeg Light Infantry.

Al married Jeanie Dunn on October 14, 1944. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in 1946, followed soon after by sons Albert and Robert.

After the war he started his own magazine sales company, Consolidated Press. In the late 50's he became director of sales for Manitoba and Northwest Ontario for the Maclean Hunter Publishing Company.

He was a charismatic man and the life of every party, making sure that everyone was comfortable and at ease. A few of his well-placed jokes and stories broke any icy situation. No matter where he was, he would approach total strangers and carry on a conversation with them as if they were old friends. By the time they said good-bye they would be friends.

Sunday was his one day-off a week, and he was usually up by 5 a.m. to start making enough homemade soup to last until Friday. The rest of the day was spent making snowmen and forts in the yard, or chesterfield-cushion-castles in the living room. He would lie on the living room floor and let his children climb on him and tickle him. He claimed that during the war he was trained not to be ticklish, so the enemy couldn't get information out of him. No matter how hard they tried, they could never make him laugh. He would get the kids to tie him up with rope and cover him with a blanket so he could do his Houdini escape trick while he played his harmonica, "With no hands!" He loved re-enacting his favourite vaudeville routines, and everyone would howl with laughter as he apparently shrunk and stretched his rubbery arms and face, or appeared to walk headfirst into cupboard doors. He would hide behind a door jam and stick his head out periodically at different levels to surprise his unsuspecting audience and inevitably be forced to fight off his own hand as it attacked him from beyond the wall.

He knew and was respected by a lot of folks, and belonged to many community organizations. He was actively involved in community service, and volunteered his time for The March of Dimes, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and the Christmas Cheer Board. A showman at heart, he performed in fundraising Skit Nights, and often found himself at special events surrounded by adoring underprivileged children, especially in December when he dressed as his alter ego, Santa Claus.

He joined the Lion's Club in 1940, and from 1949 to 1967 was secretary-treasurer for the Midwest Region Lions Club of Canada and the U.S. He was proud of the fact that he had perfect attendance. He did not miss one weekly meeting in 27 years.

In 1941 his branch of the Lion's Club decided to sponsor an Air Cadet Squadron and he assisted in the formation of number 6 Jim Whitecross Squadron - the first Air Cadet Squadron in Winnipeg. In 1953 he helped form number 573 Ukrainian Squadron. He was the secretary-treasurer of The Air Cadet League of Manitoba from 1946 through 1949, and 1953 through 1964. He took on the roll of Provincial Chairman for 1965, 1967 and 1968. The National Air Cadet League selected him as the Director of the Year in 1957.

In 1964 Mayor Stephen Juba presented Al with the City of Winnipeg Community Service Award (#153) for outstanding leadership in the field of Community Service.

Al was a community minded citizen, and a caring, loving father and husband. He died on May 6, 1969, at the young age of 59.

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Ray Bryk was born in Ukraine in 1920 and emigrated to Canada in 1930 along with his mother and sister to join his father who came to Canada in 1925. He graduated from Beausejour Collegiate and moved to Winnipeg where he graduated from Business College. He served in the Canadian Army for 5 years and attained the rank of Warrant Officer. Upon discharge, the Department of Veterans' Affairs at Portage La Prairie employed him as a Personnel Dept. Supervisor.

In 1947, Ray joined the Sherwin-Williams Company and was the Advertising and Sales Promotion Manager for Western Canada. In 1959, he joined the O'Keefe Brewing Company as a Sales Representative and was promoted to General Sales Manager for Manitoba. In 1973, he joined Melton Real Estate until 1975 when he established Ray Bryk Realty. He was accepted as a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada (FRI).

From 1960 to 1965, Ray served as a Civil Aide-de-Camp to the late Lieutenant Governor, Errick F. Willis.

Ray had a passion for serving the community. Before he became the Chairman of the Air Cadet League, he was Chairman of Air Cadet Squadron #573 for 3 years. He served as President of the Ukrainian Veterans' Branch #141 Royal Canadian Legion from 1956-1958 and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal and a Life Membership. He also served on the Boards of the St James Chamber of Commerce, Holy Family Nursing Home, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Carpathia Credit Union and the Winnipeg Real Estate Board. His efforts in the community were recognized when he was awarded the Centennial Medal and the City of Winnipeg Community Service Award.

Ray was married to Emelie and they had one son, Thomas. Ray passed away peacefully in May 2000.

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Al Finnbogason was born on August 4, 1921. He attended School in Lundar, MB and in Winnipeg at General Wolfe and Daniel MacIntyre High School.

Al enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940 serving initially as a radar operator then proceeded overseas in 1942 to a Radar site near Glasgow, Scotland. Nine months later, he remustered to Aircrew and returned to Canada to train as Bomb Aimer. He flew operationally from the Isle of Lay in the Hebrides on Sunderland Flying Boats with 10 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force,  attached to Coastal Command. He then retrained as an Airborne Radar Operator and flew on Sunderlands and Hudson Bombers on Coastal patrols from Plymouth to Gibraltar with 104 Squadron.

Following the war Al had a long career with the T. E. Eaton Company retiring as Manager of Food Services.

Al became a Director of the Air Cadet League in Manitoba in 1950 and became Chairman in 1969 and has been member of the Advisory Board since 1971. He was active in procuring Manitoba's first glider CF-ACL which is now on display at the Western Canada Aviation Museum. He was made a Life Member in 2006. Al received the National League's Certificate of Honour in 2011.

Al also served as an Intelligence Officer with the Reserve Air Force and was President of the United Services Institute of Manitoba. His community activities include past president of the following; Better Business Bureau, Winnipeg Enterprises, and Tourist and Convention Bureau. Alan was also director of the Winnipeg Convention Centre and Tourism Winnipeg, he has also been a consultant to the development of the Forks and Johnson Terminal building and is a Director with Heritage Winnipeg. He and his wife, Marguerite, had one son, Charles and a daughter, Eve.

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Charles Lawrence Nicola Guichon was born in Merritt, BC on October 28, 1912.

He left Merritt to attend school and completed his education at Regina, SK. Following College he returned to BC and became Superintendent of the Grasshopper Control Program for the Nicola Valley from 1932 until he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941. In 1942 he married Ruth who he had met during his college days in Regina and they returned to BC following his discharge in 1945.

In 1950 he moved his family to Portage La Prairie where he joined Imperial Oil later becoming Bulk Fuel Farm Agent. In 1974 he joined the Manitoba Farm Labour Pool which he eventually managed from 1974 until his retirement in 1990.

Known throughout the community as Charlie he served his community well through the years. He dedicated much time, energy and amelioration, to serving his community; he was on the executive of the Portage School Board, Portage Golf Club, the Royal Canadian Legion, St. John's Parish Council, the Knights of Columbus and was appointed an Honourary Probation Officer.

Charlie along with eight other Portage business men founded 575 RCACS in 1953 with the sponsorship of the Royal Canadian Legion. He served provincially with the Air Cadet League from 1962 to 1999 during that period he held the Provincial Chairman position and was instrumental in the first recruitment of young women in Air Cadets. Charlie was the driving force for moving 575 Squadron to the Portage Air Base (Southport) with former Base Commanders Casselman and Stevens. He was also actively involved with starting the Pilot Mound Squadron. He was awarded the Air Cadet League of Canada's Certificate of Honour in 1996.

Charlie passed away peacefully on April 14, 2000 in Portage La Prairie, MB.

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Jack McPhedran was born in Stonewall, Manitoba, on November 26, 1924. World War II and a stint in the RCAF interrupted his high school education; however, he returned to his studies and went on to graduate as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1950.

He immediately established a general veterinary practice in Neepawa, Manitoba, serving that community until 1967. After this he worked for Agriculture Canada for two years and then became Director of the Veterinary Services Branch of the Manitoba Department of Agriculture in 1969, a position he held for 22 years. He also found time to be a valued member of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine Advisory Council for many years. He was confered with the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa by the University of Saskatchewan in 1993.

Jack passed away peacefully on February 26, 2010 in Qualicum Beach, BC.

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Wally Mildren was born on February 24, 1923 in London, England and took his early education and engineering studies in Barking, Essex, obtaining a National Certificate in mechanical engineering. He joined the Royal Air Force in December 1941 commencing his aircrew training in May the following year. Wally took part of his flying training in Canada under the BCATP and graduated from No.5 Air Observer School in Winnipeg with the rank of Pilot Officer in October 1943. He completed a tour of thirty operations on Lancaster bombers with No.622 Squadron, at Mildenhall, between August and December 1944. He then served in India from April 1945 to August 1946 on Movement Control duties latterly as Officer Commanding No.3. Movement Control in Madras with the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

On being allowed to resign his commission he immigrated to Canada in December 1946, destination Winnipeg. Whilst working with the City of Winnipeg he completed his studies at the University of Manitoba and worked with the Board of Parks and Recreation, the Manitoba Power Commission and Manitoba Hydro as a civil engineer until his retirement in February 1986.

He joined the Air Cadet Movement as an instructor with 220 (Red River) Squadron in 1947 serving, eventually, as Adjutant and Commanding Officer. He was promoted to Squadron Leader in 1952. In 1957 he was appointed CO of No.3 Air Cadet Wing with the rank of Wing Commander; subsequently receiving the Canadian Forces Decoration and clasp and the Centennial Medal. Upon relinquishing the position as CO of the Wing he was appointed to the Executive Committee of the Manitoba Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League becoming Vice Chairman in 1973 and Chairman from 1975 to 1978. In June of 1978 he was appointed to the National Executive Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada, was made a Vice President in 1981 and became President in 1984-85. At present he is a member of the National Advisory Board and National Nominating Committee. In 2003 he was awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal. He is a Life Member of the Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) Inc. and was recipient of the Manitoba Movement's Distinguished Service Award in 2008. Wally received the National League's Certificate of Honour in 2005.

He is a retired and Life Member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba and a Life Member of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. He is a Past Group President of the Air Force Association of Canada and has held a number of executive positions in several Freemasonic organizations, including four years as Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba. In June 1998 he was elected an Honorary Past Grand Master of that Grand Lodge. In 1999 he and his wife Gladys celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with daughters Gail and husband John, Janet and husband Fred, grandson Scott and many friends.

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Lin Grieve was born in Rivers, MB on the 27th September 1920 and moved to Carberry, MB a year later, where he took his early schooling. Lin moved to Winnipeg in early 1931. He completed his High School education at Kelvin Technical High School and went on to employment with the City of Winnipeg Engineering Department, Clerical Branch.

He joined the RCAF in July 1940 and went through training as a Pilot, receiving his Wings in Saskatoon, SK in July 1942. He completed an Instructors Course (Navigation) at Rivers and was posted to #5 Service Flying Training School in Brantford, ON on staff until September 1943. He was then posted to #12 Elementary Flying Training School in Goderich, ON as Officer Commanding Navigation until September 1944. He then moved to #8 OTU Greenwood, NS to train on Mosquito Fighter Bombers.

Lin was posted overseas and completed Operational Training before being posted to 613 Squadron, 138 Wing, British Liberation Army in France until the end of hostilities. He was then posted to #3 Flying Instructors School Lulsgate Bottom where he completed the Advanced Flying Instructors Course. Then with the War in Asia ending he was repatriated to Canada and discharged from the Active RCAF.

Lin joined the Air Cadet Movement as an Instructor in 1948, moving up from Chief Instructor to Adjutant and eventually Commanding Officer of 220 Red River Squadron. He was transferred by his employer to Thunder Bay, ON and while there he served on the local Executive Committee of 66 Squadron. He was appointed the President of the North Western Ontario Provincial Committee in 1968. He was transferred back to Winnipeg and rejoined the Manitoba Provincial Committee serving in several capacities. Lin was eventually named Chairman of the Manitoba Provincial Committee in 1978 serving three consecutive terms. Lin is presently a member of the Manitoba Advisory Board and was named a Life Member in 2003. Lin received the National League's Certificate of Honour in 1982.

Lin retired in December 1982 and has travelled extensively since. He and his wife Ruth were married in 1942. They have four children and four Great-grandchildren. Two of their families reside in England.

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Neil Scott was born in Regina, SK and moved with his family to Winnipeg where he attended St. John's College School and the University of Manitoba.

In 1942 he joined the RCAF and went overseas in December of that year. He flew Lancaster Bombers in RAF Bomber Command and as a Pathfinder on Mosquito aircraft. He was awarded the DFC.

In 1946 he joined 402 City of Winnipeg Auxiliary Squadron and retired as Group Captain and CO of 17 Wing in 1962. He was Honourary Colonel of 402 Squadron from 1985 to 1988. He became Chairman of the Manitoba Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada in 1980. He received the National League's Certificate of Honour in 1985.

During his long career with the Canadian Indemnity Insurance Company, he was Branch Manager in Winnipeg and Montreal. He returned to Head Office in Winnipeg in 1978 retiring as Vice President of Administration in 1984. He was involved in many Community organizations, he served as Chairman or Director of; the Royal United Services Institute, the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, the Rotary Club, the Salvation Army, the Better Business Bureau, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the War Time Pilots and Observers Association and the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. He was also Aide-de-camp to three Lieutenant-Governors of Manitoba.

He was a member of the Manitoba Club, the Winnipeg Winter Club, St. Charles Country Club and the Winnipeg Rotary Club. He served as Rector's Warden at St. George's Anglican Church and a vestry member of St. Matthias in Westmount, QC. He was married to Beverly Ann Laidlaw and had three sons, Peter, Timothy and Andrew. Neil passed away on December 18, 1994 in Winnipeg, MB.

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Peter Prescott was born in and attended school in Winnipeg, MB. He obtained his BA at the University of Manitoba.

He joined Air Cadets with 176 Optimist Squadron in 1947 and was on the International Drill Team in 1950; attended Flying Scholarship Course in 1951; and the U.S.A. Exchange in 1952. He became an Officer Cadet with 176 Squadron in 1953; Training Officer in 1954; and Administration Officer in 1955. In 1956 he became Supply Officer with 525 Sqn in West Vancouver and Administration Officer in 1957. On returning to Winnipeg, he was appointed the Supply Officer with 3 Wing from 1959 to 1967. Peter then returned to 176 Sqn as Commanding Officer from 1968 to 1970.

Peter became a member of the Manitoba Provincial Committee in 1976; Honourary Secretary from 1978 to 1994; Vice Chairman from 1982 to 1984; and Chairman from 1984 until 1986. He is presently member of the Advisory Board. He was awarded the Canada 125 Medal in 1993 and the Queen's Jubilee Medal in 2002.

Peter was employed with the Winnipeg Fire Department becoming the Director of Training in 1980 until his retirement in 1994. He has been the recipient of many awards relating to his work and volunteer involvement; culminating with the award of the Knight of Justice, Order of St. John in 2004.

Peter has served as a Director on the National Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada in 1982 becoming a member of the Executive Committee in 1985; Vice President 1990 until 1992 and National President in 1993. He is presently a member of the Manitoba Advisory Board and a Life Member.

Peter is involved with many other organizations and has been President of the Manitoba Safety Council; an Executive Committee member of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada; Vice President, Provincial Council of the Manitoba St. John's Ambulance; Provincial Commissioner St. John's Ambulance Manitoba Provincial Brigade. Peter now resides in Naniamo, BC and has been a member of the Kelowna Branch St. John's Ambulance; Provincial Commissioner BC and Yukon Brigade St. John's ambulance; and the Vice President BC and Yukon Provincial Council St. John's Ambulance.

He is also a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Royal United Service Institute, Air force Association of Canada and several Lodges.

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  • October 30, 1936, Lloydminster, SK


  • Attended High School, Dawson Creek, BC
  • University in British Columbia
  • University in Washington
  • Holds a Private Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating


  • 1950 - 1954 Air Cadet, 353 Mile Zero RCACS
  • 1964 Received Commission
  • Served with 353 Mile Zero RCACS, Dawson Creek
  • 753 Vancouver RCACS, Vancouver, BC
  • 538 Buffalo RCACS, Calgary, AB
  • 604 Moose RCACS, Calgary, AB


  • 1986 - 1989 Chairperson, Manitoba Provincial Committee
  • 1987 Elected National Director
  • 1989 Member, National Executive Committee
    • Served as Chairperson, National Flying Committee and National Finance Committee
  • 1998-99 National President of the Air Cadet League of Canada
  • presently serving as an Advisory Board Member and Director with the ACL (MB).


  • Private Management / Marketing Consultant


  • Wife Janet


  • Past Vice-President and National Director, Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
  • Past Chairman, Winnipeg Section on Illuminating Engineering Society
  • Member and Past President, West Winnipeg Rotary Club
  • Past Chairman of Board, Winnipeg Regional Housing Authority
  • Past Chairman of Advisory Board, Red River Community College
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Ron Wilson was born on January 20, 1923 in Manchester, UK. During WWII he served with the Royal Air Force. He married Queenie Cronnie in 1947 and immigrated to Canada in May, 1955 with their six year old daughter Carol. Their son William was born in 1957.

Ron was employed by the T. Eaton Co prior to spending many years with the Hudson Bay Company, where he retired in 1985.

In 1957 he was one of the principals who helped to re-activate the former 191 Gordon Bell High School Air Cadet Squadron under the sponsorship of the West Winnipeg Rotary Club and he served as its Commanding Officer until 1981.

He then became active with the Manitoba Provincial Committee serving two years as Chairman, including 1991 the 50th Anniversary year of the Air Cadet Program. He was awarded the Canada 125 Medal and the Air Cadet League's Certificate of Honour in 1991. Ron passed away on Sunday December 28, 1997 in Winnipeg, MB.

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Doug was born in London England in 1918 while his father was serving in the Royal Air Force in which he had enlisted when it was still known as the Royal Flying Corps. Doug grew up and received his education in Edinburgh Scotland.

He joined the Royal Air Force in early 1939 and, after completion of training in January 1940 was posted to Coastal Command. Further training led to posting and operations with #6 Group Bomber Command. After Bomber operations he was transferred to Transport Command, flying between England and the Far East. Later he joined the Royal Air Force Voluntary Reserve (Training) and worked with the Air Training Corps in Edinburgh where he served until 1954.

During his business career Doug was President of the Scottish Tobacco Trade Federation and a member of the Scottish Chamber of Trade.

On arrival in Winnipeg in 1969 he has became involved in Air Cadet work, first as member and later Chairman of #220 Red River Squadron RCACS, and many years as a member of the Manitoba Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada, including 3 years as Chairman. Doug was also a member of the Wartime Pilots and Observers Association, The Air Force Association, the Manitoba Soaring Council and #4 (St. James) Royal Canadian Legion.

Doug was awarded the Certificate Of Honour by the Air Cadet League of Canada in 1994 and was a Life Member of the ACL (MB).  He was the first recipient of the Manitoba Air Cadet Movement's Distinguished Service Award in 2007; the award was named in his honour in 2014.

He married the former Caroline Ferguson of Edinburgh in 1947. They have a son and daughter and four grandchildren.

Doug passed away at age ninety-five on September 1, 2013 in Winnipeg, MB.

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Jan Reidulff was born on November 21, 1951, in Oslo, Norway. He came to Canada with his family in 1957 when he was six years old and lived in Sioux Lookout, ON until 1961 when they moved to Winnipeg. He joined 170 St. James Kiwanis Squadron as a cadet in September, 1965. He attained the rank of Flight Sergeant before leaving the squadron in June, 1968.

He became a member of the staff of 677 Squadron in Russell, MB from September of 1975 to January, 1980 initially as Civilian Instructor, then as Training Officer and Commanding Officer (January 1977 - January, 1980). He joined the staff of 170 St. James Kiwanis Squadron from January, 1980 to June, 1983 as Training Officer and Administration Officer. He was promoted to Captain in July, 1980. He was on assignment in Ottawa from July, 1983 until August, 1985 and returned to 170 St. James Kiwanis Squadron as Administration Officer in September, 1985. He resigned with the rank of Captain in February, 1987. His son Richard is also a Graduate Air Cadet from 170 St. James Kiwanis Squadron: September, 1990 to January, 1997.

Jan was elected as a Director of Manitoba Provincial Committee in February, 1991. He was appointed to the position of Honourary Secretary of the Manitoba Provincial Committee in February, 1992; 2nd Vice-Chairman of Manitoba Provincial Committee from October, 1992 to October, 1994; and Chairman of the Manitoba Provincial Committee from October, 1994 to October, 1998. He was also a Director of the Air Cadet League of Canada from June, 1994 until 1999.

Following a period as Commanding Officer of 176 Boeing of Canada Squadron from January, 1999 to June, 2001, Jan was elected a member of the Board of Governors of the Air Cadet League of Canada in June, 2001 and Vice-President in 2006. Jan was elected President of the Air Cadet League of Canada on June 21, 2008 at the National Annual General Meeting in Quebec City serving until 2009. Jan rejoined the ACL (MB) in 2009 and is presently serving as Treasurer and Advisory Board Member. Jan received the National League's Certificate of Honour in 1997. He was named National Director of the Year in 2011, awarded the ACL (MB) Douglas Inglis Award for Distinguished Service in 2012 and received the Presidents Citation in 2014.

In 2017 the Air Cadet League of Canada bestowed its highest award, the Medal of Honour, to Jan in recognition of his talented, dedicated service and leadership at all levels to the Air Cadet Movement.

Jan was employed with Manitoba Telecom Services, having held various positions in Operations, Engineering and Sales, from November, 1971 until his retirement in 2006.

Jan is an avid golfer and curler; serving as past President and Member of the Board of Directors of the Assiniboine Golf Club. He enjoys Wine and Beer making (and drinking) and he has been a member of the Telephone Pioneers of America since 1988. Jan and his wife Ina have three children, daughters Sandra and Kimberly and son Richard.

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Garry Bolton was born in Edmonton, Alberta and attended school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He obtained his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba in 1970.

Garry first joined the Air Cadet program in the 1970's, as the Sponsoring Committee Chair for 191 RCACS on behalf of the Rotary Club of West Winnipeg. He served again in the same capacity in the late 1980's, prior to his joining the Manitoba Provincial Committee in 1997. He has served as the Vice Chair from 1998 to 2000, Chair in the cadet year 2000 to 2001, and as Past Chair from 2001 until 2006.  He was a National Director of the Air Cadet League of Canada from 1998 until 2006. He is presently serving as an Advisory Board Member with the ACL (MB) and he received the National League's Certificate of Honour in 2003.

Garry has been employed with SMS Engineering Ltd. since January of 1973, has been a Partner since 1987, and in 1996 became the firm's President.

Garry has been very active in other Community Service Organizations over the years, and has held many offices as a Volunteer. He has served as President of the Rotary Club of West Winnipeg, President of the Western Canada Aviation Museum, Chair of the Trade Development Committee for the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce (1998-1999 Volunteer of the Year), President of the Consulting Engineers of Manitoba in 1996-1997, Chair of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada in 2003-2004, and as Co-Chair of the $52 million corporate fund raising campaign for the University of Manitoba's new Engineering and Information Technology Centre.

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Ed was born on February 6, 1934 in Calgary, AB. While in High School in Calgary in 1951, he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (Auxiliary) then in 1954 transferred to the Regular Air Force, attending Canadian Services College, Royal Roads in Victoria, BC. He then completed his aircrew training as a Radio Officer in Winnipeg, MB, with subsequent flying tours at RCAF Station Whitehorse, YT on Search and Rescue duties; then with 426 Transport Squadron, at RCAF Station Lachine, QC and Trenton, ON following Lachine's closure. He moved to 437 Squadron in Trenton in 1961 when that squadron formed with the then new Yukon aircraft. Both squadrons were tasked to support international operations with NATO and the UN.

In 1963 Flight Lieutenant de Caux reclassified to Air Traffic Control and served subsequently at Trenton, ON, Goose Bay, NL, and Cold Lake, AB. He was promoted to Major in 1971 and moved to Bagotville, QC. He was transferred to National Defence Headquarters in 1975 with the Directorate of Air Regulations and Traffic Services. In 1978 he was posted to Borden, ON with the Air Traffic Control Training Company; then part of the Aerospace and Ordinance Engineering School. In 1979 he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and appointed the Commandant of the newly formed Canadian Forces Air Traffic Control Training Unit in Cornwall, ON. He moved to Air Command Headquarters in Winnipeg, MB in 1982 as the Senior Staff Officer Air Traffic Control. In 1986 he was reassigned to Edmonton, AB as the Detachment Commander for Region Operations and Cadets for the Alberta area.

Lieutenant-Colonel de Caux retired from the Regular Forces in April 1990 and again joined the Reserves, this time in the Cadet Instructor Cadre. He was the Officer-in-Charge of the Provincial Cadet Office for Manitoba and North Western Ontario until 1992 when he was appointed the Deputy Region Cadet Officer for Prairie Region. He retired in November 1998.

In January 1999 he joined the Manitoba Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada. He was elected to the Executive Committee in 1999, Vice Chairman in 2000 and was Chairman of the Provincial Committee from 2001 until 2006. He was a Director with the National Committee from 2000 to 2007. He is presently serving as an Advisory Board Member with the ACL (MB). He was awarded the Natonal League's Certificate of Honour in 2007 and the ACL (MB) Douglas Inglis Award for Distinguished Service in 2012.

Ed presently is Past-President of 500 Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association, the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Regional Representative of the 426 Thunderbird Squadron Association. He is married to the former Jeneane Ann Young, RN, of Goderich, Ontario; they have three children, as well as three grandsons.

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Terry was born in Regina, SK in July, 1952. He attended school in Regina and joined Transport Canada as an Air Traffic Controller following High School in 1971. He was subsequently employed in Thompson, MB Control Tower, and in Regina Control Tower and Terminal Control Unit. He then moved as an Air Traffic Control Instructor to Cornwall, ON at the then new Transport Canada Training Institute in 1978. He then accepted a position as a Controller with the Winnipeg Centre. He remained as an Air Traffic Controller with the newly established Nav Canada when that agency assumed the responsibility for aviation navigation from Transport Canada in 1996. Terry retired from Nav Canada in 2006.

Following retirement Terry continued his interest in aviation accepting employment as a Flight Instructor with Allied Aviation in Portage La Prairie, MB and then joining Harv's Air in St. Andrews, MB in 2007. Terry rejoined Allied Aviation in 2009 as a Flight Instructor.

Terry became involved with the Air Cadet Program while in Regina in 1977. He was both a Civilian Instructor and Cadet Instructor List Officer with 41 Squadron, as well as being active in the SK flying program. In 2003 he joined the Manitoba Provincial Committee becoming Vice Chair in 2006 followed very shortly after as Chair when the incumbent Chair resigned. Terry served as Chair until 2009. He was a National Director from 2007 and was voted to the National Board of Governors in 2009. He is presently serving as an Advisory Board Member with the ACL (MB). Terry received the National League's Certificate of Honour in 2010 and the Volunteer Service Medal in 2016. He also received the ACL (MB) Douglas Inglis Award for Distinguished Service in 2016.

Terry has also volunteered in the community as a Hockey Coach, a Skiing Instructor and a Diving Instructor. He and his wife Lorraine have three sons.

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While attending the local junior high school in Selkirk in 1971, Mark was convinced to join 6 Jim Whitecross Squadron. He received his Gliding Scholarship at Rivers Manitoba in 1974, and received his power pilot training through a high school aviation program at Winnipeg Flying Club in 1975. After graduating from high school, he worked at Cessna Aircraft Corporation, as the warranty and service representative for Canada. He continued in the cadet program as a CIC officer, both at 6 Squadron as Administration Officer, and the gliding program as an instructor and tow pilot. In 1981 he joined the Regional Cadet Office (Prairie) as the Provincial Gliding Operations Officer, a position he filled for four years, until taking on the position of SO Air Cadets for Prairie Region. Mark was also the Flight Safety Officer for gliding operations in the prairie region during that time.

Mark left the cadet program entirely in 1989, to pursue a career as a programmer analyst. He joined the game development staff at Western Canada Lottery, as a game programmer. In 1993, Mark joined the staff at Pollard Banknote Ltd. to form a new programming department focused on developing software to generate instant lottery games. After five years at Pollard, Mark set off again to work on his own with the Lapis Software Associates, focusing on internal control systems for on-line lotteries. In 2007, Mark rejoined the staff at Pollard Banknote as the Corporate Manager for Manufacturing Software and Engineering. He and his wife have four children.

It was at this time that Mark came back to the cadet program and joined the Provincial Committee board of directors in 2005. He has been an active member on the board, ever since, filling the role of Secretary, Vice Chair, and Volunteer Screening Chair becoming Chair in 2009. He was a National Director (2008 until 2012) and is presently serving as the Second Vice-Chair of the Manitoba Committee. Mark received the National League's Certificate of Honour in 2013 and the ACL (MB) Douglas Inglis Award for Distinguished Service in 2015

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Howard Mar has been employed as an adult educator and administrator, business educator, music educator, musician, conductor, training development consultant, marketing director, life insurance sales and financial advisor.

He served twenty years at 177, 185, 573 and 604 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons as Commanding Officer (8 years), Training Officer (6 years) and Band Officer (6 years). He served twenty-five years at summer camps in Penhold and Cold Lake in the positions of Officer Commanding Music Training, Officer Commanding Senior Leaders Course and Commanding Officer. He served a total of twenty years as Provincial and Regional Cadet Music Advisor

He has performed in concert with the HMCS Chippawa Band, The Regimental Band of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, the PPCLI Band and the Air Command Band as well as numerous civilian bands and orchestras.

In addition to being the Past-Chair of the Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) Inc., he is founder/Chair of the Manitoba Military Tattoo, founder/Chair of the Manitoba Seniors Music Festival, Chair of Manitoba Seniors Achievement Awards, and Chair of the Organ Donation Awareness Society.

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Doug McLennan was born in Brandon, Manitoba. He was a member of 82 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets before attending Royal Military College, graduating in 1974 with a Chemical Engineering degree. He attained his Canadian Forces pilot wings in 1975, and continued in the military, holding positions of increasing responsibility, including as Commandant of the Canadian Forces Flying Instructors School at (then) Canadian Forces Base Portage from 1986-1989.

He has held a number of senior command positions in the military, including Director of Air Force Training, Wing Commander 17 Wing Winnipeg, and as Command Director and Senior Director of Cheyenne Mountain NORAD Operations Centre in Colorado Springs, CO. He has also been involved as the Canadian representative on a number of NORAD and NATO boards and committees.

He retired from the Regular Force and Reserves in 2012, and is currently completing a contracted position at Canadian NORAD Region (CANR) Headquarters in Winnipeg, where he has been the CANR Subject Matter Expert for Operations since 2008. He is the Chairman of the Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba), overseeing all twenty-four Manitoba Squadrons and their liaison with the League, plus all powered flight and gliding operations for Manitoba. He is a member of the National Air Cadet League Aviation Committee. He also works with the Corp of Commissionaires, and is on the Board of Directors for Southport Aerospace having been elected to both of these boards in 2014.

Doug is married to Vicki, and they have two grown sons and three grandchildren. Doug is interested in travel, local theatre and music, spoiling the grandchildren, and all sports, especially golf and curling.

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Vern was raised in Steinbach, in a conservative family, and as such had very little exposure to things military. After high school he worked in construction, in desktop publishing. He also spent 18 years as a REALTOR® before becoming the Learning and Development Coordinator of the Winnipeg REALTOR® Association in 2015. He currently does the training and teaching of all real estate related software programs for all real estate agents in Manitoba.

His cadet adventures began in 2002 when his oldest son joined 176 Boeing of Canada RCACS. He went to the first parents meeting and was "volunteered" to help with the committee and he instantly became the president of the parents committee. One year later, he was elected as the squadron sponsoring-committee chairperson.

In 2014, after 12 successful years at 176, Vern was elected to the board of directors of the Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba). He was elected as Chair of the Provincial Committee in October 2017.

Vern has four children - two boys and two girls. His oldest son, having graduated from the cadet program with his wings, took a career in the aviation industry and is today living with his wife in Thompson and working as FSS at the Thompson airport. His daughters, the oldest of which was recently married, are both living and working in Winnipeg. Vern's youngest son recently joined the armed forces and is currently training in Wainwright, AB and will be posted to PPCLI in Edmonton.

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