Frederick Ernest Pink
     Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the top Manitoba Air Cadet on the Power Pilot Course.

A 'super' supporter of Air Cadets, Fred Pink passed away in 1967, while serving as Honourary Treasurer of the Manitoba Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada. He served as Chairman of the Sponsoring Committee of #177 Air Canada Squadron, and Chairman of the House Committee of #3 Wing, which was comprised of the 7 City of Winnipeg Air Cadet Squadrons. He was educated in Winnipeg and joined the Canadian National Railway in 1921. In 1938 he transferred to Trans Canada Air Lines. At the time of his passing Fred Pink was Director of Air Canada's Winnipeg maintenance base. He contributed greatly to the Air Cadet Organization because of his contacts in the aviation industry.

RECIPIENTS: 1986 -2015

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A.T. Hansen Trophy

Awarded to the Top Manitoba Air Cadet - Glider Pilot Course.

A long time supporter of the Air Cadet Program, Alen Hansen was born in New Zealand and trained as a Wireless Air Gunner in Canada in 1943 before going overseas. After several ground jobs he completed OTU on Wellingtons just prior to Wars end. Returning to New Zealand he decided to emigrate to Canada and attended the University of Manitoba gaining a Business Management certificate. Determined to be a pilot he trained when able gaining his Airline Transport Pilot Licence four years later. After a period of Bush flying he began flying for Trans Canada Pipelines inspecting thousands of miles of pipelines and logging over 20,000 hours of flying time.

Alen was part of the Manitoba Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League for twenty-four years, active in the Gliding Program. He was President of the Wartime Pilots' and Observers' Association in 2006-07, also he was Chairman of the Flying Committee with the Winnipeg Flying Club for eight years, as well as, a founding member of the Manitoba Aviation Museum.

RECIPIENTS: 1973 - 2015

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Stickney Trophy

Awarded to the Top Northern Manitoba Air Cadet - Glider Pilot Course.

Cadets from squadrons located north of the 51st Parallel of Latitude are eligible for this award.

RECIPIENTS: 1974 - 2015

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Awarded to the Top Manitoba Air Cadet - Glider Pilot Course.

Major Bill Shinnan enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941, during the Second World War, and served continuously until his retirement in 1974 with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. During this time he and his wife, Dorothy, were posted to various bases throughout Canada, Gimli included, as well as, three European tours of duty.

Following his retirement, Bill moved to Nanaimo, B.C., where a second military career awaited him, co-coordinating support for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets' summer glider pilot program. Each year, one of his greatest joys was to present the cadets with their 'graduation wings'. In his honour, the William Shinnan Award is presented annually to the Manitoba Air Cadet chosen for outstanding achievement on the Glider Pilot Scholarship.

Major Shinnan demanded nothing less than personal excellence not only for those with whom he worked but especially for himself. To the end, he was 'true Air Force blue', ever proud of his distinguished career in the service to his country and in his part in passing on that heritage to another generation. The R.C.A.F. motto, "Per Ardua ad Astra", might well be his testament - Through Adversity to the Stars!

RECIPIENTS: 2002 - 2009

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Flight Lieutenant Paul
     Wilcox Memorial Award

Leadership and Ceremonial Instructor Course
(formerly the Senior Leader's Course until 2011)

In the mid-1960's F/L Paul Wilcox served as Manitoba/NW Ontario's Area Cadet Officer (Air), a job in which he excelled. Following his three years as ACO (Air) F/L Wilcox flew 'T-Birds' out of RCAF Station Rivers. He was killed in a crash in 1967 while on a low level photo mission over Riding Mountain National Park.

RECIPIENTS: 1985 - 2015

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Air Canada Trophy

Awarded to the Top Manitoba Air Cadet - Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Aircraft Maintenance.

RECIPIENTS: 1981 - 2015

George Evans Trophy

Awarded to the Top Manitoba Air Cadet - Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Aircraft Operations.

Mr. George Evans was a long time civil Air Traffic Controller and is a strong supporter of the Air Cadet Program. More on Mr. Evans at ...

RECIPIENTS: 2011 - 2015

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Robert Hansen Memorial

Awarded to the top Manitoba Air Cadet on the Introduction to Leadership Course (formerly the Junior NCO Course)

In recognition of an act of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril. The Star of Courage was awarded to Officer Cadet Robert Hansen and Captain Gary Fulton who gave their lives on 31 May 1976. Shortly after takeoff from Runway 12 at Regina Airport a wild duck was ingested resulting in immediate engine failure. Rather than abandon their crippled jet aircraft over a populated area the crew elected to divert it away from the city thus sacrificing vital seconds and altitude. Both Officers were fatally injured when insufficient altitude remained for a safe ejection.

Robert Hansen SC, 1956-1976. Robert served with 220 Red River (Winnipeg) Squadron RCAC. In 1972 he was the top graduate from the three prairie provinces on the Junior NCO Course, was selected the most proficient Squadron NCO in 1972-73, completed flying scholarship training in 1973 and received Manitoba's highest Gliding award for glider pilot graduates in 1974. He was the Squadron Warrant Officer prior to enrolling in the air arm of the Canadian Forces in October 1974.

Robert Hansen is buried at Brookside Military Cemetery in Winnipeg within sight and sound of one of the locations, which gave him stimulus in life - one of the busiest runways at Winnipeg International Airport.

The award includes a bursary of $200.00. The amount will be increased an additional $200.00 if the recipients continue as an Air Cadet until reaching their nineteenth birthday.

RECIPIENTS: 1977 - 2015


Awarded to the Top Manitoba Air Cadet - Advanced Aviation Course.

The family of Mr. and Mrs. Jack McPhedran provided a donation to establish the Jack and Mabel McPhedran Bursary to be awarded to the top rural Manitoba cadet on the Advanced Aviation Course. The bursary is $150.

RECIPIENTS: 2012 - 2015

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500 Wing Trophy

Awarded to the top Manitoba Air Cadet on the Advanced Aviation Course.

Presented by the 500 (City of Winnipeg) Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association.

RECIPIENTS: 2013 - 2015

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