Optional subjects, such as effective speaking, are available to squadrons.
Optional Activities
'Optional Training' means all discretionary training that is conducted at the squadron using resources provided by Squadron Sponsors, Squadron Sponsoring Committees or by the Provincial Committee of the League.
The following organizations offer programs to assist squadrons to provide these interesting optional activities.

The Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (M.A.A.C.)and the Air Cadet League of Canada have joined forces to provide aircraft modeling instruction for Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Cadets learn to build, fly and compete with their models. Guidance and assistance is provided by dedicated M.A.A.C volunteers.

The Air Cadet League of Canada will reimburse eligible Squadrons for up to $300.00 for instruction and supplies. A special web site containing detailed information has been set up for the program, check it out.

The Model Aeronautics Association of Canada offers a reduced membership fee for Cadets and a $500.00 bursary program for continuing education in an Aviation related field! More information about this program is also available from M.A.A.C.

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Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Council
Aviation Training Modules

The Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Council Web Site - Youth Pages are excellent tools to inform cadets of the opportunities available to them in the aviation industry. The site also contains access to very useful modules for training.

By selecting the 'Air Cadet League' on the top menu followed by the 'IMLT' on the left hand menu you get The Interactive Multimedia Learning Tool designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of aircraft operation and maintenance. It consists of three modules, covering Theory of Flight, Aircraft Power Plants, and Aircraft Structures. Contacting the IMLT Project Manager at her noted email will provide you access to the modules. In addition to the written content, there are many animations and graphics.

Squadrons should act early to allow their cadets access to this excellent training vehicle.

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The Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA), with the concurrence of the Air Cadet League of Canada offers a program of training for older Air Cadets (16 years and older) titled 'Introduction to Search and Rescue'. This training is available only at locations where CASARA units exist. Training is optional and would be conducted at the squadron local Headquarters. All instruction and training material is provided by CASARA without cost.

Information about this program and for CASARA units near you check out the Course Training Plan included in this site.

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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Young Canadians Challenge promotes community service, skill development, physical fitness, explorations and expeditions. Presently more than 30,000 able and disabled young Canadians are engaged in the program.

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Toastmasters International - Youth Leadership Program is based on the belief that every young person has the potential to become a good communicator and leader, but this potential needs to be developed. The program's unique design enables participants to develop this potential through practical experience.

Participants learn speaking and leadership skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. They learn to: overcome the nervousness everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience; organize and present their ideas logically and convincingly; listen carefully to others ideas; offer advice that will help others improve their speaking and leadership skills; and participate in - and even lead - group discussion or meetings.

A local Toastmasters club serves as sponsor for the program and supplies the experienced people needed to present the program. If your Squadron is interested in this program more information is available by contacting Mrs. Dorian Guerard at telephone (204) 487-0455.

If your squadron is participating in an optional activity that you think others would enjoy, pass the information to us and share the fun.

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